The Best Moves for a Beginner Wrestler

Wrestling – The Best Moves for a Beginner

Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport that is still famous among people from all age categories. Modern wrestling training is more polished with many safety measures and guidelines for performing. The training process in wrestling is very beneficial for the physical and mental health of the candidates.

If you are new to wrestling we like to help you Learn basic wrestling techniques that will help you to defeat your opponent quickly. Make sure that you perform these moves under the supervision of a professional coach with all the safety measures.

First off, why wrestling?

The answer is simple,  Wrestling is a great workout that requires agility, speed, power, endurance, and a strong mindset. Wrestling pushes you like no other activity. It’s thrilling at the same time, very raw and brutal too.

Another main advantage of practicing wrestling is the mental stability we attain. Wrestling makes you a more courageous, confident, alive, and humble person. Wrestling invokes the true fighter deeper inside every single one of us. As a beginner wrestling classes provider, we like to share some wrestling techniques that will help you get quick results in a short period of time.

Penetrating Shot

One of the most important steps in wrestling is to know how to penetrate through your opponent’s defense system.

To do a penetrating shot, you must start in a staggered stance, lowering your body close to the mat. The next step is to shift your body onto the back foot and move ahead with your lead foot, placing it in the middle of the opponent’s legs.

Your front foot should now be pressing forward as you bend and land on your front knee. As you advance to grip one or both of your opponent’s legs, aim to lift your foot and put it firmly on the mat.

Double Leg Down

The double-leg takedown is another interesting move for beginners to learn. In this method, you grab the back of your opponent’s knees on both sides.

The next step is to place your head close to the opponent’s hip, then you start pushing your legs and head while pulling your opponent’s legs into you. Here you have an option of using the position to pick the opponent off the mat. To master the double-leg takedown you should practice regularly.

Half Nelson

Put your hand behind your opponent’s neck and slide your arm beneath his or her armpit. To prevent the half-nelson from being broken, grab your opponent’s other wrist with your free hand. This will effectively take away an opponent’s full arm and significantly reduce the range of his remaining arm. When you’re trying to pin your opponent while they’re on the ground, this wrestling maneuver works great. Just be careful not to use any unethical tactics that could cost you and your team some critical points.

Rear Takedown

Rear Takedown is beneficial when you have control of your opponent’s back and it is used to prevent escape from standing up. If your opponent manages to get to his feet, use this takedown to bring him back to the mat. Place one of your feet behind the corresponding foot of your opponent, such as your left foot behind his left foot, with your foot perpendicular to his, forming a T, with your hands clasped together and your arms around his waist. Put your other leg between the legs of your opponent and sit down while clenching your hands. Bring your opponent down to the mat with you as you fall, then roll through the sit-out to reclaim the top position there.

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