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WrestlingME is a sophisticated training facility, entertainment hub, and a prominent space for Independent wrestling promotions in UAE operating in the heart of Dubai. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the squared circle or have no experience at all, our Independent wrestling training facility in UAE accepts people from all walks of life and learn basic wrestling techniques. You don’t have to be in “ring” shape to join, but when you’re training with WrestlingME, you always have a place in our ring.

Our Classes

We have sessions for beginners and experienced students


Here, you will learn the foundations for working in the ring safely and confidently. You will master essential mobility techniques such as running the ropes, rolls and leap frogs. Chain wrestling (a combination of grappling techniques) will also play a pivotal role here. You will also learn how to perform moves like hip toss and body slams as well as an introduction to highspots (a sequence of moves performed together). We understand that everyone learns at a different pace and we support each other’s progress.


Once you have mastered the basics, you will be invited to our advanced class. Here, you will learn how to deliver many of the more complex moves you have seen in the ring. We will help guide you to apply your training in match-like scenarios with an additional focus on structure and storytelling, this is where you will be introduced to ring psychology as well. Advanced class trainees may be invited to perform in live shows and feature in online content. We will make you a master in Wrestling

The Story

We are no strangers to hard work, and with a solid international roster that celebrates the best of what wrestling has to offer

Our Trainer

Samir Nassif is a veteran in the field with a goal that to develop all trainees into high caliber athletes, defining WrestlingME’s roster as the next generation of professional wrestlers. Equipped with 6 years of in-ring expertise, Samir has taught and performed with wrestling talent from across the world as well as working with the WWE as part of their Dubai Tryout in 2017. As well as performing in the United Arab Emirates, Sam’s students have gone on to perform internationally in countries such as Pakistan, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Samir trained under the tutelage of Caleb Hall, a long time student of Rip Rogers and the legendary Hart Dungeon. Today, Samir shares his methods and guidance with all of the aspiring talent at WrestlingME, putting wrestling on the map in the Middle East.

what people say about us

A great place to learn pro wrestling. Safe and professional team . Highly recommended to wrestling lovers 👍



Have a look at the spirit, passion, dedication, and fun we are having at ring

what we do


We are unique in may ways and will remain the same

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TRAining. live shows. events WRESTLING ME

We are a promotion that runs on respect, dedication and appreciation of all that is wrestling

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