Physical Fitness training Program in dubai

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler?
Are you willing to work hard for success?
Are you prepared to give everything you have if it means achieving your dreams?

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Our Story

WrestlingME is the UAE’s independent wrestling promotion, training facility, and entertainment hub in Al Quoz. We are a promotion that runs on respect, dedication, and appreciation of all that is wrestling. WrestlingME will equip you with all the right tools to hone your skills with beginner wrestling classes and take the extra step to ensure you are on the path to greatness.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the squared circle or have no experience at all, our training facility accepts people from all walks of life and offers them the best physical fitness training program in dubai. You don’t have to be in “ring” shape to join, but when you’re training with WrestlingME, you will learn basic wrestling techniques and the advanced skills in the sport to become unique in the eyes of the crowd.

We are no strangers to hard work, and with a solid international roster that celebrates the best of what wrestling has to offer, join us today and strive for greatness in the wrestling ring.

why choose WrestlingME

Wrestling ME is one of the best Wrestling Academy in Dubai and Experienced coaches ,  Good trainee review , Goal oriented coaching

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