Dubai pro wrestling

General Faq

Am I too old to train?

We welcome members of all ages and abilities, catering to individual needs, and enabling everyone to enjoy the pro wrestling workout in Dubai in all its entirety. For children, we recommend ages 5 and above.

Can I practice at home?

Professional wrestling should only be practiced under the supervision of trained professionals during class.

What should I wear?

Sportswear and indoor sports shoes are essential along with elbow and knee pads to avoid injury. Elbow and kneepads can be found in the martial arts section of most good sports retailers. We also advise keeping fingernails trimmed and clean.

When do private sessions take place?

We work to your schedule, allowing you to get the best out of professional wrestling. Whilst many prefer to book sessions at the weekend, we can negotiate a time to suit you upon inquiry.

Who can train??

We welcome men and women from all backgrounds and cultures into the Dubai pro wrestling world with our current membership spanning 15 different nationalities. Men and women are invited to train together but we also host private classes for individuals and groups.

How long ill my first match?

Everybody’s journey is different and whilst we aim to provide as many opportunities as possible, trainees are chosen to perform based on a criteria of safety, skill, commitment, fitness, discipline and the appropriateness to WrestlingME’s on-screen storylines. Members are invited to participate in practice matches during training sessions.

How long are private classes?

Private classes last one hour with many members opting to join two sessions a week, creating a block of two hours (charged at 250 dhs per hour). Inquire today so that we can create a training package that best suits your needs.
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