Basic Wrestling Moves and Technique For Beginners

Basic Wrestling Moves and Technique For Beginners: Proper Wrestling Stance and Positioning

Basic Wrestling Moves  -Wrestling is a sport with a huge fan base all over the world. The tricky moves and techniques used by wrestlers in the ring are another interesting part of wrestling. But the fact is that the moves performed by wrestlers are the result of years of practice and hard work. Like any sport, wrestling also requires proper training under the supervision of experienced coaches.

In this blog, we would like to share with you some basic wrestling moves and techniques for beginner wrestling classes. Make sure you practice these moves under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Also, to learn basic wrestling techniques, you should make sure your body is fit. Try to do some workouts before starting your training.

Standing position in wrestling

Before learning the wrestling moves, you should learn how to stand perfectly in the wrestling ring. There are mainly two types of standing positions in wrestling: staggered stance and square stance.

In a square stance, both feet are placed parallel to each other, and body weight is distributed equally on both feet. In a staggered stance, one foot is placed ahead of the other, and more weight is distributed on the front foot. In both postures, the feet are significantly wider apart than the shoulder width. Both stances call for bending the knees and the hips, as well as lowering the torso to decrease the center of gravity. It aids in keeping the ideal equilibrium.

Techniques to escape from your opponent

Learning how to escape from opponents is as important as learning how to master moves. Escaping from the bottom position is difficult, especially for inexperienced wrestlers. To escape from the bottom position, you have to learn some key points.

The crucial point to mastering escape from ground level is to really focus on your hand control. Hand control plays a vital role in escaping from the bottom. It will be really difficult to escape if your opponent has the ability to hook or lock onto you. So make sure he doesn’t have anything to grab or hold onto with you.

Another technique you could learn to improve is to always be moving. Sitting still as your opponent applies to pin combinations to you is one of the worst things you can do when you are on the bottom. When you are at the bottom, the wrestling proverb “action generates opportunity” is undoubtedly true. The major goal of your motions is to create an opening for the escape; therefore, they shouldn’t be erratic and chaotic but rather controlled and accurate. In an effort to find a method to escape, you can try knee slides, Granby rolls, sit-outs, and stand-ups. Just be careful to maintain proper posture and work on developing hand control.

Penetrating Shot

Another important shot that you should master is knowing how to penetrate the opponent’s defense. To do a penetrating shot, you start with a staggered stance and lower your body towards the mat. The following step is to shift your weight onto your back foot and advance with your front foot, placing it between your opponent’s legs.

Now press forward with your front foot. As you move forward, grab one or both legs of your opponent.

Lifting Your Opponent

Lifting is widely used in wrestling while you are trying to take down your opponent. To lift your opponent, stand to the side of or behind the opponent with your hips squarely beneath your shoulder.

Now lock your hand around the waist of your opponent. Now pull your opponent close to you and lower your hips lower than his potent close to you and lower your hips lower than his. Now straighten your legs to lift him off the net. Try to be in control and be safe during takedowns. Otherwise, there is a chance for injury for both you and the opponent. Throwing or slamming your opponent to the mat is illegal too.

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