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Strength training is important for anyone involved in any athletic activity. Strength training is a hard task for the majority of beginners, but the fact is that you can’t avoid this part. It has numerous advantages, including increased muscle mass, more calorie burn, stronger bones and joints, better endurance, and a lower risk of injury during subsequent workouts. In our physical fitness training program in dubai, we give great importance to strength training as it plays an important role in Wrestling.

We would like to suggest some of the best exercises for your strength training that give quick results in a short period of time.


Squats are the finest strength training exercise for beginners. Squats train your upper body, core, and legs in addition to your legs. Stand with your feet pointing front and slightly wider than your hips. Put your arms out in front of your body and look straight ahead. Slowly lower your butt as far as it will go while keeping your abs tight, shoulders back, and chest out. Ensure that your knees do not extend past your toes. Your heels, not your toes, should be bearing the weight. Complete 15-20 repetitions before returning to your starting position while standing straight. Add a dumbbell to each side or the center of the chest to add more resistance. To check your form and stability, try sumo squats, or add lunges, you can also use a stability ball.


Another simple exercise that you can perform anywhere is the plank. Whether you hold a plank with your hands, your sides, or your forearms, it will increase your overall strength. Put your body in the pushup position with your arms shoulder-width apart. To keep your core tight and prevent it from dropping down or sticking up in the air, hug your tummy against your spine.  Stack heels over ankles and shoulders over wrists. Hold for 30 seconds at first and gradually increase to a few minutes. If you are unable to maintain a plank position for a full minute, your body will have a difficult time performing any other exercises correctly. If you master this exercise, your core will be strong and steady, preventing injuries and preparing you for harder workouts. Try to increase your time involved in plank to get better results

Push up

The push-up strengthens the upper body as well as the core.  It can be done in a variety of ways; novices can start with the simpler variations, while more experienced exercisers can employ the more difficult ones. The push-up can be done as a bodyweight, circuit training, or strength exercise.

Get down on all fours and position your hands slightly wider than your shoulders to perform a push-up. The elbows should remain slightly bent; avoid locking them out. Set your feet hip-width apart and extend your legs back until you are upright and balanced. Here is how to perform a push-up after you are in this position.


A fantastic exercise for developing powerful legs and butts is the deadlift. In a deadlift, you lift the weight from the floor to thigh level with the help of most of your body’s large muscular groups, particularly your leg and hip muscles. Dumbbells can also be used to accomplish the deadlift, which is typically done with a bar and plates or a stationary barbell. Weight training for general fitness should take into account these powerlifters’ specialties. Include the deadlift in your strength training routines to increase muscle mass and functional fitness.


Hinge is one of the foundational exercises for strength training. Making sure you are bending down from your “hips” rather than your spine is the fundamental goal of hip hinging. When hip-hinging, the objective is to start the movement from your hips and keep your spine in a neutral position throughout. This will guarantee that your muscles, discs, and spine are not subjected to an extra load. This will consequently result in fewer spasms, accidents, and backaches.

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