Wrestling is a dynamic sport that requires involvement from all parts of your body. So proper practice and exercise are unavoidable parts of Wrestling training. As a professional wrestling training academy we give great importance to strength training exercises as it is the key to flexibility, mobility, and enhanced performance. It also reduces the chance of injury. In short, we can say that if you want to become a professional wrestler then you must master strength training.

To make the strength training exercise enjoyable and effective, start with a solid foundation of exercises that work each part of your body. Begin with basic exercises, when you notice a change and feel that you are getting stronger; then you can progress the workout using heavier or advanced workouts. Being the best  wrestling academy in UAE we would like to suggest some strength training workouts that are effective for wrestlers of all age categories and all fitness levels.


Before learning to stand or walk as babies, we first learn to squat, and as adults, we must rediscover the appropriate way to squat. While many tasks, such as sitting down and lifting heavy objects, are based on this primitive movement pattern, learning how to do a decent squat from a fitness standpoint occasionally necessitates some coaching, especially to ensure you’re doing them safely and successfully.

Squats have the added bonus of being one of the most time-efficient exercises for toning and developing your entire lower body, particularly your backside. You can truly squat your way to becoming a better wrestler since it works for every major muscle group in the lower body simultaneously.


A fantastic exercise for developing powerful legs and butts is the deadlift. In a deadlift, you lift the weight from the floor to thigh level with the help of most of your body’s large muscular groups, particularly your leg and hip muscles. Dumbbells can also be used to perform deadlift, which is usually done with a bar and plates or a stationary barbell. Include the deadlift in your strength training routines to increase your muscle mass and functional fitness.

Hollow Body Hold

The transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, obliques, quads, hip flexors, inner thighs, and erector spinae muscles are all excellent targets for the hollow body hold. Additionally, it strengthens and stabilizes the muscles in your lower back and core.

The hollow body hold can help you posture if used properly. Additionally, this exercise can help strengthen the muscles required to prevent lower back pain when the lower back and abs are in the proper alignment. The hollow body hold teaches your core to resist arching your lower back from a functional aspect. That’s because you’re instructing your body how to train the abdominal muscles when you utilize force to drive the lower back against the floor. By doing this, you can strengthen your midsection and increase the amount of power your core can produce.

Chest Press

When performing a chest press exercise, the pectoral muscles of the chest are engaged. You can perform a chest press using dumbbells, barbells, a Smith machine, a suspension trainer, or even resistance bands.

It is suggested that you receive guidance from a licensed trainer on how to carry out a chess press correctly. The chest press can be incorporated into a workout to increase upper body strength or build muscle.

The pectorals, which comprise the majority of the chest, are what the chest press exercise targets. For a fit body, developing chest support and definition is ideal.

The chest press is highly beneficial for sports like wrestling because it can aid in muscle balance and improves your pulling muscles


Lunges are a wonderful exercise that helps to prevent injuries. It frequently forms a component of a rehab protocol or foundational strength program, enabling athletes and exercisers to get back to their sport or favorite activity as soon as possible. The lunge is another useful workout that gets your body ready for movements you’ll require in everyday life.

It resembles many of the movements and muscle-activation patterns of daily activities, such as walking, running, and ascending or descending stairs. For instance, it’s a frequent position individuals assume to rise up from the ground.

In a single workout, this powerful action trains a variety of lower body muscles. It is simple to do and offers a lot of advantages.


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