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Obesity is one of the main health concerns that we face today. In the present condition, obesity is seen in the majority of people irrespective of their age. Obesity raises many health concerns in the future. As a provider of physical fitness training programs in Dubai, we have helped many people get back to their normal weight. Our lifestyle and food habits play an important role in our excess weight.

Studies show that about one-third of adults are living with obesity.  It’s caused by excessive fat accumulation in the adipose tissue and is defined by body mass index or BMI.  A person with obesity has more chances of getting serious health problems like heart issues, stroke, metabolic disease, cardiovascular conditions, etc. Reducing the fat deposition at the adipose tissue is one of the best ways to reduce obesity. There are mainly two effective methods to mitigate your excess belly fat.

  • Controlling your diet
  • Proper exercise oriented at weight reduction

In our physical wrestling training activities in Dubai, we focus on keeping a balanced body weight with some normal workouts. Hope this method will be helpful for everyone who likes to burn their excess weight.


Running is one of the simplest and most highly effective activities for burning weight. Running in Intervals, maintaining the speed at different levels, and choosing different paths as your tracks all lead to an effortless running experience. In the words of Natalie Dorset a famous running coach in New York “If you’re doing the same workout week after week, your body won’t have anything to adapt to. Vary the speed within a workout, do some bursts of faster running, but also mix up the types of runs you do. Whether it’s slow and steady, comfortable and hard, or intervals, variety is the key to constant adaptation.”

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is a full-body workout that can burn up to 318 calories in every 30 minutes. Jumping rope is a terrific method to burn calories in the convenience of your own home while enhancing cardiovascular health, all-over toning, and coordination. It will also help you gain power and reduce your chance of injury.


No matter how physically fit you are, navigating a flight of stairs is never easy. This is due to the fact that small steps need you to activate additional muscles, such as your glutes, quadriceps, and calves, in order to lift your entire body. Climbing up the stairs is an easy method to burn your belly fat.


Swimming is an amazing method to reduce your belly fat. Swimming combines cardio with strength training.  To stay floating you’re using your main body parts, including your legs, arms, and core body parts, which makes swimming a great total body exercise for building strength endurance, and  weight loss

Obesity can be controlled easily if you are ready to put some effort into it. Reducing your excess fat not only increases the beauty of your physical appearance it can also lead to very good physical and mental health.

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